Spending holiday in Romania?
Come fly with us!

Imagine how amazing it is to see Romania above the clouds. Turn your ordinary vacation into a special holiday. Give your holiday an adrenaline boost.

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Anywhere you are in Romania, you can make the flight a part of your holiday. Whether you want to try Powered flight or Free flight, all our flight instructors are certified and authorised

Your flight
a dream come true!

Because we want you to fly in a responsible and safe manner.

Free flight

Parapantă Deltaplan Planor Balon cu aer cald

Paraglide Hang glider Sailplane Hot air balloon

Nature, adrenaline, tranquillity

Initiation flights.
Whether you want to try a paraglide, sailplane or hot air baloon, enjoy the awesome scenery with an authorised flight instructor.

Powered flight

Motoparapantă Motodeltaplan Avion ultraușor Girocopter

Powered Paraglider Powered Hang Glider Ultralight Plane Gyrocopter

Powerful engines, adrenaline, speed

Tandem flights
Feel the adrenaline and the engine kick, fly with an authorised powered paragliding, powered hang gliding, gyrocopter or ultralight plane instructor.

Flight training


Be your own pilot!

Learn to fly on any powered or free flight ultralight aircraft. Get your pilot license for ultralight plane, powered paraglider, powered hang glider, gyrocopter, paraglider, hang glider, sail plane or hot air balloon.



Choose between hundreds of flights with ultralight aircrafts.

Full information for each type of flight.

EuZbor.ro helps you decide what kind of aircraft and flight is suitable for you.
Through our web platform FlightBooster.com you get instant access to all the flight offers in your area.
With national coverage and authorised flight instructors, your safety is our main goal. All with respect to nature and to air sports.

as a way of life


Absolute freedom, adrenaline

Pilots passioned by all there's flight and air related. We're free, open minded people, we love nature, fresh air, life. We LOVE to fly and we truly believe that flight can be a way of life. We fly with responsibility, in safety and we enjoy life. Come join us! What are you waiting for? :)