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How can you FlightBooster & EuZbor guys help me?

Whether you need information about each type of ultralight aircraft, you want to try a initiation (tandem) flight or to start your flight training/classes in order to get a pilot licence, on you will find all the information you need to know. If you are looking for a flight school in an area that is accessible to you both as a location and as initiation flight scheduling / training period, or, if you want an online reservation for your flight/training class, our platform will help you find the exact thing you need.

What do I need to know when I get an online reservation for my tandem flight / flight training?

• You address to responsible people whose main priority is your safety. Although paragliding, hang gliding, powered flightand all the ultralight aircraft aviation are regarded as extreme sports, if you approach them with seriousness, responsibility and respect, will greatly reduce any risk. Any flight is the result of the tandem pilot’s experience and respect to sport, nature and people around him.
• All flight equipment is produced by specialised companies and undergoes a series of rigorous tests before getting flight approval from international authorities.
• In Romania microlight flight regulation, accreditation of trainers and pilot licensing is done by AZLR
• Flight enthusiasts and pilots, just like people who love hiking, climbing, skiing, spend a lot of time in nature. Respect for the environment is an important part of each aerial sport, so please do not leave garbage on take off or landing sites and to help us all enjoy clean air and clean flying sites.

How do I find a certain aircraft on your website?

Piece of cake :)
In the Flight types section you will find all aircrat and information on each one of them, structured into Free Flight or Powered Flight aircraft.

I decided I want to try a tandem flight. What's the next step?

In "I want to fly" section you can find complete information about how and where you can get an online reservation and methods of payment we accept.
Check out the special offers posted on by the authorised instructors we work with. Whether you want a tandem flight or you want to enroll in a flight school, aircraft structured categories and types of offer will help you into making a decision.

I need more information. How do I reach you?

You can find our telephone number and email address in the Contact section. We will do our best to answer any flight question in the shortest time possible.

I want to try a paraglider flight for a REALLY long time, but I have vertigo. Is there anyway to try it tho?

Most of us have vertigo or are scared of heights, but only if they are forced to look down from the 10th floor :) During the flight with any aircraft, you are in motion and see everything around you, you feel the air on your face and have an overview of the Earth. It can be useful thorough documenting yourself before you make a decision about paragliding (YouTube videos, discussions with an authorised instructor, etc.).

Why do I need a pilot licence to fly?

The reason is the same that makes you need a driving licence to drive your car: to circulate legally and certify that you have the necessary piloting skills not to threaten your safety, nor the saftey of other participants in air traffic. Following the flight training and getting your pilot licence means you and all the other pilots fly safely and legally, enjoying your common passion.

What do I need for enrolment in a flight school??

Your health is very important so all flight schools will require a health certificate showing that you are healthy and fit for aerial activities. If you are under 18, parental consent is necessary (notarial paper which demonstrates their approval).
Your physical condition should be average. Do not worry if you're not active and athletic guy, you'll get a great physical shape as you progress as a student-pilot.
A very important factor is the seriousness and dedication with which you address the entire process of training, and the spare time you have available for your new passion. During the early period it is recommended to go to training sessions often and without pauses between them for several weeks, because it is the period in which your reflexes as a pilot and routine procedures form.

I have several friends who learned to fly alone. Why do I need flight training with an authorised instructor? Why do I need a pilot licence?

Any aviation sport has a potential of risk. However, statistics show that most accidents are caused by the human factor. Aerial sports, by being dynamic, are dependent on pilots reactions in case of faults, reactions that must be quick and accurate. Inexperience, ignorance of safety rules, pride, failure to check equipment are just a few points which depend on the human factor. With adequate training, from mild to solving extreme cases, developing reflexes, every step of learning with an authorised instructor minimizes the possibility of injury. Also the authorised instructor will transfer to you all his knowledge and years of experience. So our recommendation is to attend a training session with an experienced and certified instructor. It is easier, legal, safe and fun!

How safe are tandem flights?

The main concern of both our authorised instructors and ours, is your safety. We want to offer you unique and pleasurable experiences, so we will try to offer you the safest flights. All our instructors with have decades of experience, for years they prepared generations of pilots and flew with thousands of people. All flew and landed safely, considering the weather condition and the training they – at their turn - received.

Why is it important to take into consideration the weather condition?

All air sports depend on the weather condition, so we can only fly if the weather allows. We put safety before anything else, so that both the instructors we collaborate with and us, strongly recommend discontinuing any flight related activity if the weather condition is not optimal.

How risky it is to practice an aviation sport?

A thorough training in the spirit of air safety, equipment adapted to pilot experience and - very important, if not the most important – the pilot’s attitude towards the sport, make the difference between safe and risky.
Bear in mind that any sport and any aviation sport still has a potential risk beyond the human factor. Correct pilot’s education, ackowledging own limits and a serious attitude towards flight can lead to risk minimization. Self-esteem is reflected in respect for the sport and both can make the difference between a pilot flying safe and pilot being a danger, both for him and for those around him.

Where can I find flight schools in Romania?

You can find a flight school in an area that is accessible to you both as a location and as initiation flight scheduling (tandem flights) / training period on our platform All the instructors we collaborate with are licensed and certified by national and international organizations so you can be sure that your training will be conducted safely and legally.

Why sometimes courses or tandem flights may suffer changes from the originally scheduled time?

All air sports depend on weather condition. So there is a risk for any activity to be canceled and rescheduled for adequate weather. In the case of tandem flights, we strongly recommend you to contact the instructor 24 hours before the flight for reconfirmation. When it comes to flight training and classes, please keep connection with your instructor in the agreed communication method of each flight school.

Where in Romania can I fly?

We try to offer our customers national coverage, but in the case of some air sports we can offer these services only in certain areas. You can find all the areas covered by our authorised instructors on our platform

How much does a tandem flight cost?

You can find all flight offers categorized on aircraft types and areas covered on our platform

I heard that Paragliding School is expensive. Is that right?

Compared to your safety and the value that authorized training will bring your pilot career, it is not expensive at all. On the contrary, paragliding school is among the most affordable trainings for anyone who really wants to fly.

Can I rent flying equipment?

Most flight schools will provide you with the necessary equipment and aircraft throughout the process of training. After obtaining the pilot license, you can purchase the necessary equipment (we recommend you to seek guidance from your instructor before taking a decision, because he is the most able to guide you).

What is an aircraft?

An aircraft is any device able to move through the air to perform a useful transport, which remains floating in the air by air or by dynamic action on some of its solid surfaces.
Referring only to microlight that we promote through EuZbor, they fall into two categories:
- Free flight (non-motorized) aircraft: paraglider, hang glider, sail plane, hot air balloon
- Powered aircraft (motorized): powered paraglider (PPG), powered hang glider (PHG), ultra light airplane, gyrocopter

If I buy an aircraft, can I fly anytime I want anywhere with it?

According to the Romanian legislation, in order to fly alone with any ultralight aircraft, motorized or non-motorized, you need a pilot license which you can get by attending flight schools’ training and then passing your licensing exam. Also according to the law, ultralight flights are "in sight" meaning throughout the day and respecting the restrictions of certain flight zones (it is necessary to inform the competent authorities and - depending on the aircraft - submit a flight plan). Also each flying site has its specific and is suitable for a certain level of experience. Our advice is to find an authorized instructor to train you, get your pilot's license and then think at the acquisition of an aircraft matching your level of experience.

How long does it take for me to become an ultralight aviation pilot?

Depending on the type of aircraft you choose, the time you put into this sport, skills and the attitude with which you approach your entire training process, depending on weather factors and the accumulation of flight hours, the course can take between 3 and 24 months. Discuss this with your instructor; he is the best able to assess how you develop as a pilot.

What is free flight?

Non-motorized or free flight is flying an aircraft which uses aerodynamic force to fly and ascending currents to gain altitude.

If you do not have an engine during your flight, can you still gain height?

A non-motorized aircraft uses ascending currents to gain height. Depending on the specific of the flying site, aircraft’s features, pilot’s experience, he can climb up to 3000 m and fly hundreds of kilometers.

How long a non-motorized flight can be?

Depending on the specific of the flying site, aircraft’s features, and especially pilot’s experience, he can remain in the air throughout the day.

How long a motorized flight can be?

Aircraft autonomy differs from one aircraft to another, flight can last between one and several hours. When flying in tandem / dual control, flight duration is specified in each offer.

What happens if the engine stops during the flight?

Any aircraft can be piloted and landed safely without engine. In flight school, besides flying techniques, landing without the engine will be covered training sessions.

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