Terms and conditions

Definitions and terms

FlightBooster.com and euzbor.ro – commercial names of FLIGHT BOOSTER S.R.L. company, Romanian legal person, with headquarters in Bucharest, Str. Vlăhiţa no. 4, District 3, having registered business number J40 / 563/2015, unique tax registration code 33994143.

User – any person / company that accesses the Web Platform www.euzbor.ro for personal or company information and who has consented to the specific clauses of Web Platform section Terms and Conditions.

The Web Platform - the www.euzbor.ro web site or - where appropriate - the www.flightbooster.com web site.

• all information, pictures, videos contained by the Web Platform and that can be visited, viewed or accessed by using electronic equipment;
• the content of any e-mail sent to users by FlightBooser SRL by electronic means and / or any other means of communication available;
• any information communicated by any means by an employee / collaborator FlightBooser SRL, according to the user contact information specified by him or not;
• any kind of data about FlightBooser S.R.L, or other privileged data.

Document – The present Terms and conditions.


1.1. The content, as defined in the preamble, including but not limited to logos, stylised, commercial symbols, images, dynamic images, videos, text and / or multimedia content displayed on web platform, are the exclusive property of Flight Booster SRL, and the company reserved all its rights obtained in this regard directly or indirectly (through license to use and / or publication).

1.2. User is not allowed to copy, distribute, publish, onward transfer, modify and / or otherwise alter, use, link to, exposure, including any content in other than the original intended context of Flight Booster SRL, to include any content outside web platform, to remove trademark signs that signify copyright of Flight Booster S.R.L., to participate in the transfer, sale, distribution of materials made by reproduction, modification or displaying the content. All these matters will be made with the written consent of Flight Booster S.R.L.

1.3. Any content to which the user receives and / or gains access by any means, within the scope of the Document, Content used if it is accompanied by a specific valid agreement between Flight Booster SRL and this without any guarantee implicitly or explicitly formulated from Flight Booster SRL with respect to that content.

1.4. User may not copy, transfer and / or use the Content for personal, commercial or non-commercial purposes.

1.5. If Flight Booster SRL grants a certain user the right to use certain content as described in a distinct usage agreement, the user has or obtains access to this agreement, this right extends only to that or those contents defined in the agreement, only during its existence on the Web Platform or the period defined in the agreement, under defined conditions, where they exist and there is a contractual agreement from Flight Booster S.R.L. for that user or any other third party who has / gets access to this content transferred by any means which could be or is damaged in any way by this content during or after the user agreement.

1.6. No content transmitted to the user through any means of communication (electronic, telephonic, etc) or acquired by accessing, visiting and / or viewing the Web Platform does not constitute a contractual obligation from Flight Booster S.R.L. and / or employee / subcontractor Flight Booster SRL who mediated the content transfer, if any, to the respective content.

1.7. It is prohibited to use any content for purposes other than expressly permitted in this document or the accompanying user agreement, if any.

1.8. Flight Booster S.R.L. makes all possible efforts to present, in the most accurate and succinct way, the information on its Web Platform. However, Flight Booster S.R.L. it is not and will not be legally responsible under any circumstances for any inadvertence or erroneous description of the information presented in this site.


2.1. None of the information presented on the www.euzbor.ro platform should be interpreted as more than an invitation or recommendation to purchase one or more of the services offered on the Web Portal www.flightbooster.com.

2.2. The decision to engage in any specific contractual relationship with Flight Booster S.R.L. belongs exclusive to web platform users, our company representatives will not be engaging to advise or influence the users in any way.

2.3. Because the information presented on this Web Platform is general, it is possible that in individual cases, information on the site to be complemented by specific clauses in separate and concrete contracts, which will be executed by the parties.

2.4. Users wishing to buy one of the services listed on the www.euzbor.ro Web Platform are kindly asked to visit www.flightbooster.com, which is the online reservation platform for flight services we - through our instructors - provide.

Cookie Policy

We can collect information through cookies, whenever you use one of our services on www.euzbor.ro, www.flightbooster.com, mobile app or our social media pages. These information are used to offer you a personalised experience and helps us continuously improve not only the web sites we manage, but also the services we offer you.
We promise you that the information collected using cookies won't ever be sold or used in other purposes than the ones presented here.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of text stored into a your browser whenever you visit a website. Due to the fact that web sites have no memory, the cookies help you whenever you return to that web site by offering you a personalised content depending on your preferred language, location, previous visits settings, etc.

How do EuZbor.ro and FlightBooster use these cookies?

We use session and security cookies throughout your visit and persistent cookies for repeated visits with the following goals:

• To offer you a personalised experience with our web sites depending on your preferences
• To use them for analytical intention

Using cookies for a personalised experience

These cookies help us differentiate you from other users and also allow you to interact with us in a personalised manner. For example, the following functions are cookie based:

• Confidentiality settings for your user account - remembering username and password;
• Country, city and language settings - displaying a web site version in your preferred language;
• Selecting and remembering your favourite types of flight;
• Browsing history showing you previous searches and offers that you have already viewed;
• Comparing flight offers using this function of our web site;
• Receive offers suggestions that may be of interest to you. This option includes providing personalised offers suggestions based on your location.

Using cookies for analytical purpose

Analytical cookies help us constantly improve our web sites through by anonymous tracking of links and frequently used functions. These information are used to create anonymous statistics that we use to identify the problematic pages, but also the successful ones. These modules play an important role in providing a optimal experience for all our users on our platform.

Security and confidentiality issues

Cookies are NOT viruses and they use plain text format; they are NOT made of pieces of code so they can not be executed, nor they can expand themselves. The cookies cannot duplicate or replicate on other networks. Because they can not perform these functions, they can not be considered viruses. Since cookies can be used for negative purposes as they can show preferences and store information about users' browsing history, both on a particular site, but also for the rest that the user visits, being used as a form of Spyware (consumer spy activity ), many antispyware products mark constantly cookies to be deleted in procedures for removal / antivirus scanning / antispyware.

Normally browsers have integrated privacy settings that provide different levels of acceptance of cookies, validity period and automatically erase them after the user has visited a particular site. Because identity protection is very valuable and is the right of every internet user, you should be aware of any problems cookies can create. Through their constant transmission of information in both directions between browser and website, if an attacker or unauthorized person intercepts data transmission, the information contained in the cookie can be read. Although rare, this can happen if the browser connects to the server using an encrypted network (eg an unsecured WiFi network). Other cookie-based attacks involve wrong setting of cookies on servers. It is very important to choose the most suitable method of protecting your personal information.

We strongly recommend you to:

• Customize your browser cookie settings to reflect a comfortable level for you using cookies;
• Set long-term storage expiration browsing history and personal access data;
• Consider the browser setting to delete individual data browsing whenever you close the browser. This is a way of accessing sites placing cookies and delete any information from visitors browsing session closing;
• Install and constant update anti-spyware applications.

Many applications for detection and prevention of spyware include detecting attacks on sites. This prevents the browser from accessing websites that could exploit browser vulnerabilities or download malicious software. It is recommended to update your browser constantly, because many of cookie based attacks are done exploiting the weaknesses of old versions of browsers. All modern browsers offer the possibility to change the cookie settings. These settings are usually found in the "Options" tab or "Favourites" menu.



3.1. According to Romanian laws, Flight Booster S.R.L is registered in the Register of Personal Data Processing under number 35437

3.2. According to Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, as amended, Flight Booster S.R.L is required to manage safely and only for specified purposes, all the personal data provided to us.

3.3. Main purposes of data collection are: the evaluation of information we provide, evaluation of our business and market segment, Web Platform promotion, marketing, advertising, media and administrative matters.

3.4. By filling out the Newsletter subscription form, the user unconditionally accepts and declares his personal data to be included in the database of Flight Booster S.R.L, registered in the Register of Personal Data Processing under number 35437, and agrees expressly and unequivocally that all such personal data to be stored, used and processed unlimited territorially and / or temporarily by Flight Booster S.R.L, their affiliates and employees to conduct and / or conduct by Flight Booster S.R.L., their affiliates and collaborators such activities such as, but not limited to, commercial, promotional products and services, marketing, advertising, media, administrative, development. Also, the User expressly and unequivocally agrees that such personal data can be transferred (ceded) by Flight Booster SRL both affiliates and other / other entities in the country or abroad.

3.5. By reading the Document, you acknowledge that you are guaranteed legal rights, namely the right to information, access to data, the right of intervention, right of opposition, the right not to be subjected to an individual decision, the right to appeal justice for infringement of the rights guaranteed by Law 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data.

3.6. Based on a written request, dated, signed and sent to the address: Str. Vlăhiţa no. 4 Bl. PM8, Ap. 79, Sector 3, Bucharest, Romania, in the attention S.C. FLIGHT BOOSTER S.R.L., you can exercise for free, once a year, the request to confirm that your personal data is being processed or not.

3.7. Based on a written request, dated, signed and sent to the address: Str. Vlăhiţa no. 4 Bl. PM8, Ap. 79, Sector 3, Bucharest, Romania, in the attention S.C. FLIGHT BOOSTER S.R.L., you can exercise the right to modify the data, as appropriate:
• correction, updating, blocking or deleting data whose processing does not conform to the law 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, especially incomplete or inaccurate data;
• transformation into anonymous data whose processing does not conform to the law 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data.

3.8. Also, Flight Booster S.R.L. may provide personal data of users to other companies that are in partnership with it, but only under a confidentiality agreement from them, which ensures that data is kept secure and that provision of such personal information is done as required by law, as follows: Instructors, courier services, payment / banking.

3.9. User's personal information may be provided to the General Prosecutor's Office, police, courts and other authorities of the state, under and within the law and based on a specific request formulated by such authorities.


4.1. This Agreement is subject to Romanian law. Any disputes between Flight Booster S.R.L. and users will be solved amicably or, where this not possible, disputes will be settled by the competent Romanian courts of Bucharest.